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The first step for any involvement is to join 4-H via 4-H Online. Begin by registering your youth with our club at the link below. While you do not have to join 4-H to attend one of our meetings you will need to join before you can participate in a practice. Any youth who is at least 8 years old AND in the 3rd grade can join our team. You must also reside in the county or within the school district to join our club.

If you are interested in Shotgun you should also register a parent as an adult volunteer. More information on this below. 



All new members must start in the beginner practice before being invited to join the advanced group. The beginner practice will walk new members through our safety measures, familiarize new members with the flow of practice and allow our coaches to determine new member's skill and comfort level. After joining Sharp Shooters through 4-H Online contact us to join practice.

Every shooting member is required to have a parent or guardian present and active with their shooter during practice. Parents or guardians are an initial line of defense enforcing safety measures and are required to be within arms reach of their shooter during practice. Because each parent or guardian is taking an active role in practice they are required to register with 4-H online as an adult leader and complete the necessary training online. This registration also includes a background check that can take several days for the state to complete. We recommend beginning the process in advance. Click below to begin.

What to Bring:

Eye  and Ear Protection for both member and adult volunteer. In fact, all spectators will need these as well. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and with closed toed shoes. You will also need to bring your own ammo and we tend to use a lot, so bring extra just in case and make sure it matches your gun; #7 and smaller are preferred for safety, which is what you will find at the store.

Waller 4-H Sharp Shooters has shotguns available to loan for practices and matches but this needs to be arranged in advance. You will need to decide on 12ga vs 20ga and supply your own ammo.

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Sharp Shooters is proud to offer Archery in addition to Shotgun. In similar fashion, all participants must join 4-H via 4-H Online before you can join a practice. We also recommend parents or guardians registering with 4-H Online as an adult volunteer. Once you are signed up, contact us to join a practice.


4-H offers a wide variety of disciplines for the shooting sports. Click on each discipline below to read more about them. Any member can pursue each discipline as their own project provided there is a 4-H coach certified in that specific discipline. We encourage all parents and guardians to become a coach. Learn more about becoming a coach below. We are currently looking to increase the number of our Archery and Shotgun coaches. Once we have the grown these two disciplines we will be looking to start a rifle team.

Currently, we have a certified coach in Archery, Shotgun, Rifle and Pistol. Any of our members can pursue these disciplines as a project despite our practice availability.

Shooting Disciplines


For a detailed look at this discipline click here.


This discipline can include any of the following.




For a detailed look at this project click here.


The newest discipline offered in 4-H is a cowboy action shooting sport. For a more detailed look at this discipline, click here.


For a detailed look at this project click here.


For a detailed look at this project click here.

We Need Coaches Desperately

In order for a 4-H member to participate in any project above an adult volunteer must be certified through 4-H to coach each discipline. The most important thing we can stress is that you do not need to be an expert in the chosen discipline to become a coachPractices are limited to 5 shooters to 1 coach, and children of coaches get priority. If you want to guarantee your child's spot for practice consider becoming a coach.


While winning competitions is fun, our purpose is to create opportunity for youth to experience the shooting sports in a safe and fun manner. For this reason coach training focuses on safety, mitigation of risk and coaching methods for the new shooter.


The certification takes place over a weekend and will require 1-2 days of class to complete. Coach certifications take place all over the state and are scheduled at least monthly. View the calendar link below to find a training that you can attend. Once you identify the training that you would like to attend, you must use 4-H Online to register as an adult volunteer. This requires some baseline videos that will take a few hours to overview and a background check that make take a week or more to return from the state office. Once approved as an adult volunteer you will be free to register for your selected training once registration opens, be sure to check regularly for open registration.

Once you are registered, the state will send you online training required to pass the coaching certification. This 4 hour block of video training will reduce the time required at training and possibly reduce your training into a single day, depending on your chosen discipline.

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